Request a freight quote allows members to query rates from other members within the network through a convenient query tool. Members general cargo rates will be uploaded into a Rate Management System for convenient 24-7 access by other members. For more complex and special shipments, members may fill in a request for quote form with the details of the shipment.

Track Your Shipments allows Walla Walla members the ability to track their Airwaybills from their dashboard. Members can key in the Airwaybill numbers into the dashboard query and the system will return the latest status updates from the airline websites.

The financial settlement link will allow members to participate in a network cross border netting solution. The netting uses blockchain technology and allows for the upload of member’s invoices to one another, whereupon the platform will consolidate all the flows and net off these invoices to find the most optimised payment outcome. This is done in order to reduce bank fees, and preserve cash flow for all those participating in the netting solution. 

The CO2 Emissions Calculator allows members to calculate the environmental impact of their shipments, in order to assess their carbon footprints, and take measures to reduce the overall footprints in line with increased environmental regulations, and a need to preserve our environment for future generations.